Why So Delirious?


Something I get asked a lot is “James, why do you listen to such rubbish?”, usually along with being called a ” dillusional fake fan”, “a delusional fan of a ‘dying’ genre” and sometimes accusations of listening to music “ironically” [see here for the post on so called “ironic listening”] and I never respond quite how I would like, due to time constraints, hatred or pure irritation, so I thought I’d post my full, dream response here…

Dear sir/madam,

I’m awfully sorry you judge the music I listen to, but I’m afraid I cannot change your ignorance to see talent.

Now I realise you may not like the same music as me, and I fully understand, because I dislike a large portion of modern pop music, and I must admit on occasion I call it “rubbish”, but I am not quite as ignorant as I let on when I use that as a term for your style of music, it is merely laziness that I refuse to make the effort to find a word that I would use happily to describe my view of pop.

Before you judge me and my music taste as “screamy [rubbish]”, please ask me what I listen to! I’ll happily let you know of many bands I listen to that have no screaming at all, as well as lots of classic rock, 70/80/90s pop, jazz, blues and classical music from the past few centuries, because I’ll make you realise how judgemental you really have been with your comments, which, in fact, I do not appreciate.

If you would like to have a reasoned debate with me about music and why we like the music we both like, I will be happy to do so, however please refrain from swearing at me in such a way that it can be viewed as aggressive, it just shows your wild lack of vocabulary and eloquence.

Yours truly,


Sadly though, when in an argument, I cannot deliver such a response, much to my dismay, but instead it looks like I’ll just have to put up with the judgement until people become more educated on the fact that musicians of all sorts are talented in their own field, whether that be on guitars, vocals, drums, keyboards, saxophones, violins or computers…


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