My Recommendation Faux Pas

This, my dear friends, is the story of how I accidentally told a 12 year old to listen to deathcore today…

So it all started on a routine bus journey home, and this boy who I’ve known for about a year now started talking to me, and being the polite and (mostly) good-natured human I am, I accepted his friendliness and started a conversation with him.

We must have been speaking for about half an hour over about 12 miles when he went to pull out his headphones and listen to music when he found, to his dismay, they were not in his pocket like they usually were, but at home, which prompted the question “James, what music do you like?”

Of course, I used the answer that I always use for young children that shouldn’t really be listening to hardcore variants very much at all, “scary stuff”, but for this one child, that answer isn’t enough, he had to keep pressing.

He asked me first what my favourite song at the moment is, and I replied honestly by telling him it is Chelsea Smile by BMTH, but still this information wasn’t enough for him. He asked me who the last band I had listened to were, so I went onto the “last played” playlist on my music library and to my horror, I remembered: I had listened to Thy Art Is Murder.

Unsurprisingly, this child was looking over my shoulder and read the name of the band, telling me that he would look them up when he got home.

My jaw hit the floor. My mind was racing with “oh god, I’ll get blamed for a small child crying” and “this is going to ruin his life forever” so I proceeded to more or less beg him not to listen to them and of course, he made a note of the name in his notebook and that was that.

And there we have it, me accidentally ruining the innocence of a pre-teenage boy from my school, who I expect fully to be crying heavily when I see him on the bus in about 8 hours’ time (watch this space for updates).

EDIT: He wasn’t on the bus today…


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