Fixing The Problem: Teen Suicide

I’m just going to come out and say it: people just do not understand mental illness. Not counsellors, not parents, not even the sufferers of the illnesses. All we know is that they need to be fought, and they need to be fought soon.

With teenage suicide rates rising so steeply, research into causes of depression and feelings so dark at such a young age is being funded like nobody’s business by governments and businesses around the world. However, this absolute panic to get drugs and therapy that actually work doesn’t need to be such a panic, for I have a solution.

I have had my fair share of panics about people I know, sometimes even friends, being on the verge of dangerous levels of self-harm and even suicide, and a fair few of them have been in counselling and/or on antidepressants, which considering the willingness to do something potentially permanent to try to get rid of their problem don’t work, but I have never let anyone pass on under my watch. The way I persuade them not to go through with it? That’s my solution.

When people I’ve spoken to were on the edge, it’s a panic reaction and literally everything goes through your head as you skim over ideas of how to convince someone with the means and will to kill themselves not to without physically restraining them and the first time I did it, I had no idea what to say other than to tell the person involved that they did mean something and their friends and family did love the, but that didn’t seem to work so I thought of what cheered me up, and I instantly thought: MUSIC!

I realise not everyone is as into music as I am, but people love various music, film and TV, and without fail there is something that can cheer someone up, even if it is just stopping them taking that one overdose or whatever, it keeps them alive and safe for the time being.This is why I believe that rather than funding all this research that isn’t working, continue doing some but ENTERTAINMENT CAN BE FUNDED! How does it make logical sense to cure short-term problems with consumable substances when they can be cured with things that can be used again and again like an album or DVD?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t research, I know some people still need drugs to overcome their problems but in the short-term, a cash injection to help those little bands get some fans can and will save lives, whatever anyone likes to say!


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