(Full live review/diary coming up later)

So as some of you may be aware, I was at Alexandra Palace for Vans Warped UK yesterday, which was to be headlined by Asking Alexandria and Black Veil Brides.
Asking are one of the first bands I listened to back in 2009 just after their first album came out, and they have been in my top 3 since then, at times my top one. Then yesterday, I was given the incredible opportunity to go and see them live, which I was super excited about and at 5pm they were doing a signing, but they had cut off the queue while we were watching FVK so I was pretty gutted, but a friend of mine was standing near the front of the queue so I walked towards her as they opened the gates and we managed to get in, and I spoke to my favourite band. I actually //SPOKE// to ASKING GODDAMN ALEXANDRIA.

First I spoke to Cam, who was quite quiet but he always has been one of the overlooked members, but he thanked me for my support and signed the card and book (UPSIDE DOWN).


“Go on dude, get photos with us all” – CL

James also instructed me to get a photo so I followed orders as he signed:


“Your hair covers half the picture, love it!” – JC

Sadly, I didn’t say much to Sam other than “photo?” but he gave me a grin nonetheless:


“If you like this, wait til you see the set later…” – SB

I moved on to see Ben and I looked him straight in the eye and told him that his band has got me through so many bad days with a smile on my face, and thanked him for everything they have done for me over the last 6 years, and made a joke about them releasing singles then announcing that they were the whole album and he chuckled slightly as he shook my hand and thanked me for sticking with them through their bad days, to which I just freaked out really.


“Shall I do horns for the photo? Ah screw it, generic rock s**t it is” – BB

Then I spoke to Denis, who was really cool and I told him that the new tracks are like a breath of fresh air into a band that was becoming more and more lifeless with the toxic influence of Danny, and he grinned and thanked me for being a part of something huge.


“Oh is that a photo? Oops…” – DS

I now have a new Asking shirt, a signed card and a signed page in my book, and I genuinely couldn’t be any more grateful to the amazing guys that make up one incredible band that I have loved for so many years.
Then they went on stage and oh my goodness was it a sight. Denis was absolutely savage as he forced the crowd clean in two repeatedly, he has such an insane voice, the other guys were all on great form and I loved every second of it, best day of my life so far!


“Is that really all you’ve f***ing got, London? Push it back. Push it back. I knew you could do it… GO” – DS


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