After several conversations with my bosses at work, I was thinking about music streaming and all it offers, both positively and negatively and I did what I would have seen unthinkable: I paid for my first month’s Spotify Premium.

I’ve blogged about this, I’ve debated and I’ve even given a speech about this matter and now I feel a huge sense of hypocrisy which is why this is a confession, but I’ve decided it can actually be positive after all despite such a fight to spread my opinion.

My thought process basically went along the lines of “artists that are happy with it put it up for streams, the rest don’t…”, which is a pretty simple one and since paying that cash last week I’ve gotten into several bands I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise and of course I’m enjoying it!

But me being me, I’ve pledged to still buy CDs and I’ve just paid for my first ever vinyl (SUPER EXCITED) to support my favourite baby band Creeper and I have no intention of giving up on adding to my rapidly expanding CD collection, and Spotify will be my method to playlist and share but CDs will be my main way of supporting artists still.

So there we have it, it’s off my chest and out there for everyone to see and it feels better honestly!


(PS a few more posts will be coming over the next week, potentially up to 4 before next Saturday so stay tuned!)


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