I’m Poor… Again

Well guess what. I’m once again poor. “Why?” I hear you screaming frantically at your screens, “James, why are you poor again?!?!” The simplest and most straightforward answer I can give you is that I spent my money…

I spent most of this hard earned capital on gig tickets as well as travel expenses for myself (and a few others) and when Slam Dunk tickets are £50 each, one’s bank sums decrease fairly rapidly. 4 gigs in 4 weeks does definitely take its toll too though; I think I spent somewhere in the region of £230 and I’m still owed around £40 of that back (yes, if you are reading this Gaby and Megan, that’s you).

As well as gigs, I’ve spent quite a fair bit on merch and records this year already. Not even 40 days into 2016 and my bills from Grindstore have amounted to over £50, not to mention the £35 I spent on a preorder bundle for the new Asking Alexandria album The Black

In addition to all that, I have my favourite acquisition of recent weeks; on Saturday at Neck Deep’s World Tour Show, Creeper played (full review coming up soon) and they had a merch stall. Now for a long time I’ve been looking for one of these and finally I found one: a Callous Heart patch. The guys all wear them on stage and it’s the one real way to cement yourself into the Creeper Cult and I’ve finally been able to do that. Now just to see it onto the jacket…

But I guess what I can say is that I frankly regret none of it and it’s just the life I enjoy living at the moment. As a great man once said, “what’s money if it isn’t spent?”


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