The Art of Demo

All aspiring artists have been there, myself included: which song shall I record? How shall I mix it? Why does it sound so horrendous?

The art of the demo is a fine and precise one, with the main aim to record anything you would be prepared to submit to a label in the vague hope of getting any kind of deal. In reality, demos end up sounding like total garbage that has been recorded in the bottom of a ditch with a 1990s headphone mic…

Recently, I’ve been snapping up studio kit (namely a vocal mic) and making tracks both solo and with my other band member and I can safely say demos are not as difficult as they used to be. The youth of today have more disposable income than ever before and through this can actually buy some pretty cheap pieces of kit which are better quality than ever before. Recording software can even go for free with programs like Audacity and even these are half decent, they don’t have graphic equalisers or mixing tools but they have gain and headphone settings and the products aren’t all that bad.

So it could be said that with the modern cash, a home-recorded demo is easy and I would tend to agree but it doesn’t compare to a studio mixed track at all!


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