Similar to my (James’) last post, I’m going to weigh in on this debate too.

Now, 5 Seconds of Summer have made it from nothing to chart-toppers in only about 3 years through a tour with One Direction and I suppose that’s where quite a lot of the stick they get is actually centred.

Their music is deep-rooted in the pop punk scene and they can regularly be seen wearing Nirvana and Green Day shirts both on stage and off stage; they record with John Feldmann (as are pop punk legends All Time Low and blink-182) and for some reason they still get called out constantly.

Ask yourself this: if you’re offered a chance to be the main support of one of the biggest world tours of the last 10 years, would you say yes? What about if you were certain it would give your band exposure to hundreds of thousands of huge-spending teenagers around the globe and give yourselves a global fanbase that will buy anything you release ever? What about if you could covert them all to loving all your punk and pop punk influences as well as your own music?

Frankly, that’s what 5SOS did. They got massive exposure on the One Direction world tour and subsequently have released 2 albums which both hit the big time instantly, making the 4 boys millionaires in a matter of months. They’ve also written with some of the biggest names in pop punk and alternative music (written with Mike Duce of Lower Than Atlantis, Ash features on Andy Biersack’s new solo albumĀ Andy Black and they’ve met all their idols including Gerard Way and Mark Hoppus) and I don’t think anyone in their situation would have done a single thing differently: I know for a fact I wouldn’t have…

Just to add to it, they had a free choice of songs to play or cover in the BBC Live Lounge and they choseĀ a BMTH track, which clearly shows they know where it’s at!

So as they get ready to play various gigantic arenas, the pop punkers (supported by none other than STATE CHAMPS, one of the core modern pop punk bands) are doing a hell of a lot better than practically anyone else, all thanks to taking opportunities and not being stupid enough to discriminate because it wasn’t someone of their musical style.

If it’s the boyband, stupendously attractive image you have a problem with, you need to re-evaluate how you judge people. Stupendously attractive people do and can make quality music just like the rest of us, okay?

Leave that high horse well alone, it’s far too tall for small minded people.


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