Hey guys!

I’m James, I’m 16 and I’m from London, England. I’m going through school with good(ish) grades but my real passion is music of most descriptions, I love playing instruments and singing.

Although this blog will be largely focussed on articles and views about the more rock n roll end of the musical spectrum, there should be something for everyone! We’ll be posting thoughts, rants and reviews of gigs, albums, videos and anything else rock-focussed, so buckle up for a bumpy ride…

As we pride ourselves on being a family friendly kinds of people, all our articles will be free from explicit content, so we would respect it if you could keep any comments clean and swear-free, for the benefit of the other readers of our site.

We have various accounts on various media:
poppunkpics on Instagram
@James_mad_11 on Twitter
Jamesmaddern11 on Snapchat

Thank you for paying attention, check back every Wednesday at 6pm GMT/BST and enjoy the poppunkprose!

J, G & L



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